The biggest concept I have learned so far from being a working student is that Parelli’s four levels are designed to teach humans, not horses. I knew that before hand too, but now I really know it. They are designed so that a horse and human can quickly and efficiently become safe and have fun together. However, what a horse really needs does not necessarily go hand in hand with the levels checklist. When in horse training, the checklist is your goal. I have had to tackle certain tasks in entirely new ways, often doing higher level tasks first to be able to do a lower level task with the horse.

Being a working student gave me a whole new perspective on the Parelli Programm.

I want to share the experiences with different Instructors individually, as different people will end up teaching you something different – even when they are trying to teach you the same thing.

My education comprises

Chris Brady** & Sarah Brady** (current)

| working student | Daars North, Sallins, Co.Kildare, Ireland |
| 7th Jan 2016 – 31st May 2017 | 17 months |

Ralf Heil*** & Sandra Gockenbach*

| working student | Birkenhof, 65366 Stephanshausen, Germany |
| 8th Apr 2015 – 8th Oct 2015 | 6 months |