On this website/blog, I want to share my personal journey of becoming a Parelli Professional.

I am amazed at how doors open in the most mysterious of ways as long as you stay true to yourself, authentic and put in the work.

I have met a lot of fellow students who are all in the same boat as I am – the I-can’t-afford-it boat. I certainly can’t afford it at the moment, but the difference is that doesn’t stop me from trying every little darn thing to get to the Parelli Campus in Colorado. I want my experiences to serve as a reminder to myself and others that where there is a will, there is a way.

To become an Instructor you really “only” need a Level 4 Pass and the appropriate Courses, whether that be a Fast Track or the 10 week Horsemanship Intensive Course (see Flowchart towards the bottom of the page).

Now if you want to get to the Colorado Campus, to do your Externship with possibly a scholarship and impress Pat and Linda so much that they ask you to stay (which happens every now and then), you will need to:

> Level 4 pass in all four savvys.

> Be able to do the 13 THINGS PAT WANTS DONE WITH EXCELLENCE, with excellence.

> Time as a working student with Parelli Professionals. The more they continuously study with Pat and Linda and the more stars they have, the better – the former being more important. It really makes sense to go be a working student when you have passed your Level 3 because you can be involved in re-starts and colt starts and this experience is crucial! Of course it is also beneficial to be a working student before Level 3 in order to reach it quicker.

> Be/Have been a SAVVY CLUB Member for a number of years.

One thing that is essential to progressing quickly is being a working student! You don’t officially need to have been one to become an Instructor, but what you learn whilst being a working student is amazing. There are so many things that you would miss out on learning whilst playing with just one horse or a few but not having participated in colt starts and re-starts. The working student experience is not just important for your Horsemanship. It is important for you to develop the habits that it takes to become a Natural Horseman. Instructors can teach you and hold you to these habits! That is perhaps the more important lesson as a working student. More so than your Horsemanship. By the time you have your Level 4 and get to Pat and Linda Parelli, they will grade you tough on who you are as a person, because that they cannot teach you. They will evaluate your mindset, work ethic, discipline, teamwork, leadership, professionalism, etc. Your Horsemanship will play a relatively small part because that they will be able to teach you more of. Instructors can give you a heads up because they have been there and done that.

It is your responsibility as a learner to choose your mentor! So pick wisely.

To read more about my experiences as a working student with different licensed Parelli Professionals, click the link below, or select the same title in the menu under “BECOMING A PARELLI PROFESSIONAL”.


Another thing that allows you to progress quickly is playing with lots of different horses of all Horsenalities and spirit levels. Personally I have learned the most from horses that I have had a chance to play with for longer periods of time, as you can dig deeper into the aspects of your personality they mirror the most. To read more about all the horses I have played with click the link below, or select “HORSES” in the menu under “BECOMING A PARELLI PROFESSIONAL”.


The third thing that you will see all successful Instructors doing – successful people for that matter – is personal development. This will allow you to attain those needed habits at all, as well as faster and more efficient. Without you doing your personal development regularly and having sources of information that you can look to when in doubt of yourself or your actions, your goals will most likely be a hit and miss.


To read a detailed description from Parelli of what exactly a Parelli Professional is, click on the link below. In short, a Parelli Professional is someone who has demonstrated certain requirements that caused Parelli to put their stamp of approval on them. This allows them to teach and distribute their knowledge of horses and the Parelli Programm. Just as there are Levels in the human training program, there is a star rating in place for the Instructors. This is mainly to ensure a high level standard for the students, as well as an orientation for students. The more stars you have as an Instructor the more different things you are allowed to do and teach. This way students can easily figure out which Instructors can give them what they are looking for.


A Parelli Professional’s promise is:

To put the relationship first.
That is, as a teacher to put the relationship with your student first and help that student put the relationship with their horse first.

Foundation before specialisation.
To develop the student in the four savvys: On Line, Free Style, Liberty and Finesse, as well as teach them to read their horse, understand Horsenality, and prepare them for success on any level.

Never-Ending Self-Improvement.
To promise to go after never-ending self-improvement as a teacher, as well as to promise to support the student on their quest for never-ending self-improvement.

I spent quite a few years of my life studying to be a high school teacher for Chemistry and Biology and I saw many many examples of teachers who lived and breathed these three points and many examples who didn’t. To students, this made all the difference, whether it was conscious or not. I didn’t know how to articulate it in three precise points then, however, as soon as I read the Parelli Professional’s promise for the first time I thought: “That’s it!”. That’s what it takes to be a good teacher, not to mention what it takes to attain a healthy and progressive attitude and live a prosperous life. The day after I read this, I went to my horses that I played with at the time and promised them all those three points, regardless of the fact that I wasn’t officially a Parelli Professional.

There is the “usual” pathway of becoming an Instructor which changes from time to time. The current pathway of 2015 is shown in the following flowchart.

Source: http://professionals.parelli.com/how-to-become-a-parelli-professional/

If you want more detailed information as to how exactly you can become a Parelli Professional, click the link below to head over to the official website for Professionals.





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