13 Things To Be Done With Excellence

Sarah Brady ** and I had a long talk the other day about what the road looks like getting to Pat. She patiently and enthusiastically answered all of my questions. Among those were: “Does it happen that Pat will take someone out of the Externship and ask them to stay and study with him? If yes, how do you get to be that person?” To do these 13 things with excellence was one of the pointers she gave me.

These are the 13 things that Pat wants done with excellence. If you want to impress Pat, so that you get to spend more time studying with him and Linda, this is something you need to be able to do.

She has told me a few things already and they are not included in the Level/Savvy DVDs as such, but there seem to be more pointers in the Colt Start DVD. I will be going through these one at a time with her soon and I’ll post what she shares with me.

1. Catching
2. Haltering/un-haltering
3. Picking up all 4 feet
4. Saddling
5. Trailer Loading
6. Bridling/Unbridling
7. Mounting/Dismounting
8. Nine Step Back Up
9. Soft Feel at Halt
10. Lateral Flexion
11. Direct Rein
12. Indirect Rein
13. Supporting/Fixed Rein

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