Level 3/4 Free Style Audition with Smart Cash – Pass Level 3++/pre Level 4

After that BIG lesson in emotional fitness yesterday, Cash and I had a great session today. To my surprise we ended up filming an audition after all. I am not entirely sure whether it is enough to pass Level 4, but if not it is at least a very decent Level 3. This is our audition:

I was still very tense today because by now the whole situation was coupled as a stressful one in my brain. As I mentioned in my post yesterday (A Valuable Lesson In Emotional Fitness), that I had found a strategy that allowed me to stay outside of my comfort zone, yet still put the relationship with the horse first and learn. Today I used that strategy right away. I crossed my arms and aimed to ride a 20m circle at the walk and later at the trot within the question box pattern. This task gave us a connection that I haven’t felt with a horse before. I could literally tell him to move his left front foot more to the left by a few centimetres just with my seat and weight.

Once we had that connection we went through all the tasks for a bit. Then later on we decided to just run through all the tasks and test what we can do. This was our 12th session together and our last for the foreseeable future, therefore the goal was to have fun, enjoy it and film it.

I am very happy with the audition because there are a lot of things in the video in which I only just recently learned to put theory into practice and with a horse I barely know. Even if it is not enough to pass Level 4, I am quite proud of how far Cash and I came in 20.5 hours and very grateful for the countless things he has taught me in that short time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 23.34.08.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 23.33.02.png


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