Day 10 – Ciao Venezia!

Today we left Venice. We quickly cleaned the house after breakfast and headed off to the parking garage.

Home exchange really is a fantastic way to travel! We would not have been able to live the way we did in Venice if we would have had to pay for accommodation. There are quite a few properties available for home exchange in Venice and also some apartments for rent.

My parents came to Venice by car and that was our means of transport back to Austria today. There is a 10 story parking garage in Venice where you can leave your car during your stay. What might seem odd is what you are asked to do when you arrive, which is leave your car open and the key inside! It is safe because everybody does it, so there is no stealing. The reason for this request is so that the staff there can relocate cars as they please – for whatever reason that may be necessary… Unfortunately it costs 24 Euros a day, which for us amounted to 390 Euros for a 15 day stay!! You would be much better off parking your car off Venice at the Marco Polo Airport for 5.50 Euros a day and take the Alilaguna line into Venice for 15 Euros!

I hope you get a chance to visit Venice and enjoy it as much as I did! 😀


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