Day 9 – Home Sweet Home

This morning I got up quite early and at half past eight was walking across the Campo to the local supermarket called Punto with music in my ears and the sun shining hot and bright, to get some groceries and head back to the house for breakfast. Right then it hit me, this place already feels like home πŸ˜€

I am guessing it is due to my TCK background that it doesn’t take me long to call a place home. It’s as if I have been living here for months now. I know my way through the streets and where to get what I need for the best deal and the best taste.

We had a lovely breakfast with our friends and they then headed off around the city, while I stayed home and did some homework with Tilly. In the afternoon we headed to the beach and then had a lovely dinner close to Campo Santa Margherita.

Something I have noticed about the restaurants here is that they all have the same menu! So going out every night is not really all that fun if you have done it three or four times. The only thing that differs is the price. The same dishes sometimes taste completely different than they did in the last restaurant, so that is interesting for about three nights. πŸ˜› Generally, the cheaper restaurants taste better because this is where locals go. The expensive ones are for tourists and they seem to think that tourists won’t know what to expect so they don’t serve the food as tasteful as cheaper restaurants do. A lot of restaurants also have a menu of the day, which is usually the cheapest option.

A good alternative is to buy fresh produce at the Rialto market and cook some meals with spectacular tasting food! πŸ˜€

Venice certainly has a way of growing on you! I will be impatiently awaiting my return to Venice!


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