Day 8 – San Marco, Rialto, Canals

With our family friends here we decided to head off to Piazzo San Marco and make our way across the Rialto market on our way home. I wasn’t particularly keen on going to San Marco because of all the tourists, but it wasn’t as bad as expected. Here are some photos:

We didn’t go into any buildings as you are not free to walk around and discover/explore. Instead you are waved through as if you were at an airport!

On our way to and Rialto Market. Some different perspectives than last time. The fish market was open today as well 😀 It usually is in the morning.

On our way from the Rialto Market back home we discovered some beautiful new channels among other things.

I have read a lot of blogs about Venice and they usually have beautiful photos of Gondola art. Unfortunately my camera is not good enough to capture this in its essence as you need a lot of zoom and my camera only has 5.1 MegaPixels. Which for all you people out there who love taking photos should tell you that Venice is a very photogenic city! You don’t need a really good expensive camera to take beautiful pictures. The only advantage of having one is that you can take more 😛 Venice is a photographers dream!

The rest of the day was spent at Lido beach. Venice is a lot more beautiful if you have a beach to go to. It can get quite hot during the day – my week here as been comprised mainly of 30*C days. The beach lets you cool off and lay in the sun after a morning of walking around Venice. It is the perfect combination and makes the experience much more enjoyable than it would be without the beach.


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