Day 7 – a typical day at the beach, eating in Venice

There is not much to write about today because we stayed at home until about lunch, then picked up our friends who are visiting us and headed over to the beach to spend the rest of the day there and go out for a nice dinner later on. A typical day in Venice 😀 What more could you wish for?!

If you plan on going out for dinner in Venice for (or to, or with??) affordable prices I highly recommend Campo Santa Margherita! The food is delicious and the Campo has a beautiful atmosphere! There are lots of young people sitting around and enjoying their time, drinking cocktails and often there is live music. You can get a Spritz (the venetian drink apparently) for 2 Euros and a Pizza for 5 Euros. If you are looking for something fancier there are several restaurants outlining the Campo. If you go a bit earlier (dinner in Venice is usually held at 8pm or so) you will see lots of families with kids and the kids playing with these glowing flying things that are quite popular here.


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