Day 6 – Sand, Waves, Dan Brown and Sun

Today I don’t have much to write as we spent all day at Lido beach. This was the first time we went earlier than 2 pm and it rained a lot yesterday – the difference was phenomenal. Usually water is very quiet and shallow, topped off with a jelly fish here and there. Today there were 0.5m waves and lots of them! I love wave riding so I had a lot of fun. If you don’t like it you should visit the beaches in the afternoon 😛 The water level is much higher up the beach in the mornings as well and recedes rather quickly after lunch.

The sun isn’t that strong here, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time in it.

I just started reading Dan Brown’s Inferno, which is starting out to be a fantastic read!! I will be sad to see cousins and co. go tomorrow, but am looking forward to our family friends arriving. I am sure I will have new things to write about then, as they haven’t seen Venice before and we will be exploring again.

As you may know by now we are living at Campo Santa Margherita. This place grows on me every night we spend here. From about 10pm to 3am it has a fantastic and relaxing night live. Everyone is chilling and sipping on cocktails, or simply sitting on the ground somewhere with friends and talking. Tonight there was even a band that set up and started playing live music and it was really good! Unfortunately we missed it, but as we got down there a lot of people were sitting on the ground in front of the band and we could hear the music up in our apartment. 2 Euro Aperols and 5 Euro Pizza was great and cheap as always. What more could you want?! 😀

You may have heard about the recent boat accident in Venice. A Professor was enjoying a gondola ride with his daughter and wife when they collided with a vaporetto so heavily that the (3yo) daughter fell out of the boat and the father jumped in to save her. He managed to do this and she sustained heavy injuries but it cost him his life. Some sources say he got squashed between boat and platform, some say between boats. Either way it is a horrid thing. It really is no joke to be going around the Canal Grande on a gondola, as there is always lots of traffic there. Best thing is to take the gondola through some canals and discover the corners of Venice not everyone gets to see. If you want to see the Canal Grande and its sights, you might as well jump on a much cheaper Vaporetto (7 Euros – gondola roughly 100 Euros), grab a good spot, take line #1 and enjoy the view from there. Even in Vaporetti you have to stand quite sure footed as they can bump quite hard when they dock at the next stop. Vaporetti have a space in the centre of the boat with a standing platform, which is also where all the people get on and off. If you stand just next to the gate (which is the best spot to take photos) you have to be careful not to fall in when there is a bump as the barriers are very low.


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