Day 5 – Leonardo DaVinci, Grom, being lazy

Today we’ve had a rainy day and it was rather chilly with 16-20*C. My little and brother and I decided to head to the DaVinci exhibition while our cousins wanted to go check out the tourist spots and walk through Venice.

The DaVinci exhibition is great for anyone with kids! Tilly absolutely loved it even though it was the second time he was in there! šŸ˜€ There are lots of wooden machines built for kids to play with just how DaVinci had thought them up. They get to experiment with weights and logical and practical thoughts. There is a 1.5 hour movie about DaVinci’s life which is usually in English with Italian subtitles. Unfortunately today it was in Italian without English subtitles and it was sold out in the souvenir corner. I did buy two really nice books though. One about his complete works and one about his machines.

After that we had yet another delicious Granite Limone at Grom and then headed home for a lazy day of chilling, letting the apartment cool down, watching a movie and eventually blogging.

Here are some more “evening” impressionsĀ from our roof top apartment that I took today.


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