Day 4 – Fog, Garbage Day, Masks, Rialto, San Marco, “Venice” Book Store and Pizza

Loud honking horns from what sounded like gigantic boats woke me up this morning. They hadn’t the days before, so I kept wondering why they were doing this. It all become clear once I looked outside. Look at all that fog!! I was surprised the boats could move at all!

Plans for today were to visit the Rialto market, head back across San Marco and then finally pick up our cousins and company. Just outside our door, I discovered how the garbage disposal works in Venice. I reckon I hadn’t seen it the days before because yesterday was Sunday and a lot of partying going on = more garbage!

There is a mask shop around the corner of our house. I tried to take some photos but the camera didn’t seem to be able to handle the light. Venetian mask are something not to be missed when going to Venice. The masks are made for the annual Carneval, which is celebrated in honour of surviving the plague. It is a huge deal every year, with large fireworks which you can watch from boats in the water! The masks are quite extravagant. I will try to get some more photos of these or get some from the internet.

Heading over over to the Rialto market and then make our way back home by foot.

After buying some wine we made our way over to a book shop Dad had been telling me about – the Aqua Alta Book Shop. He said it was quite unique. He wasn’t kidding….

After having some lunch we continued our way back. While we are on the subject of food: If you go to eat where all the tourists eat, you are sure to pay a lot of money and get low quality of food in return, i.e. small portions that don’t taste as good as other places. So always keep a look out for the local restaurants in Venice. Something that is also quite popular in Venice is charging the customers more than they ordered. For example, you order an expensive bottle of wine and after you are told that it is sold out (which it is) you agree to a cheaper bottle. Sometimes you will still be charged for the expensive bottle or not receive change back when you pay for an ice cream. Hence, always check the receipts and do the math!

Around the corner from this place was San Marco. What a horror!! Here are just a few pictures I managed to snap while desperately trying to escape the crowd. This is one of THE tourist spots and that fact alone makes it unbearable! Massive crowds! If you are actually interesting in seeing something inside you have to wait in a queue for quite some time and then you are not free to walk about – nooooo – you will be directed when to go where. What is the fun in that? Nothing! Hence, we skipped that experience. Venice is not a place to visit this time of year if you want to see all those tourist sites. Try coming in November when it is aqua alta (many parts of the city are flooded by water, but still accessible) or some other time when it isn’t so sunny and children are on school holidays. This was yet another experience that reminded me how much I love experiencing cultures by doing what the locals do – is there any other way really?!

Once we got out of that crowd, we jumped into a vaporetto and got off at Ca’Rezzonico where our home is close to. There is one stop we had to make though – THE  B E S T  ice-cream and Granite (slushies) I have ever had and ever had in all of Venice! If you get the chance, grab a scoop or cup of deliciousness here!


And then have some gigantic Pizzas for dinner at Campo Santa Margherita for very little money!! (2 normal sized pizzas + 4 drinks = only 16 Euros!)


It really does taste sooooo much better!!!


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