Day 3 – Windows, Beach, Sunset, Mail Boxes and Channels

There are a million pictures you could take of Venice, only to be left with a million more to take.  There is so much to see, that you don’t see much at all unless you stop and give yourself time to watch the city live. The past few days I have been fascinated by how many types of windows they have here! Even though there are architectural themes spread across the city, each house looks so unique. Just when you think you can predict a pattern, you are surprised by something that was entirely uncalled for!

The past few days I have also been taking some photos of channels which you can see from the Canal Grande or close to it. Haven’t gone to explore Venice on foot yet and have only taken the Vaporetto Line #1 to Lido and back again, but this is what I saw so far:

Here is a view of Campo Santa Margherita that you might not see too often:

Different means of transportation in Venice:

A few other perspectives of the beach at Lido in front of Hotel Des Bains:

Two mail boxes around the corner from where we live with some serious character!


To finish off this colourful day, here are some photos of today’s sunset. I played around a bit with the boost effect on my laptop and this was the result:

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


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