Day 2: Beach, Sand, Water and Separation

Breakfast was delicious!! All I made was a tomato and mozzarella salad, but wow! Food tastes so much better here than it does in Germany. The food was bought at the local supermarket around the corner.


The food simply tastes richer here – even something as simple as tomatoes and mozzarella. Every bite is as if your taste buds were watching a firework!

We went to have a look at Doge Palace but it wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped. I was hoping it would be like the palaces in Russia. When you walk through some of those it is furnished and presented as if someone was living there. It creates this feeling of what it would be like to live there or how people lived ages ago. This was not the case. It was very obvious that items were placed to look at and in between the older items, they had a set of new and modern items, which I thought didn’t match at all, but oh well.

We took the Vaporetto out to Lido and headed to the beach. I took lots of photos on the ride there, at the beach and the ride back until my camera would no longer deliver nice photos due to darkness.

My mum did not exaggerate when she told me that locals of Venice have a really good sense of fashion!! When you look through the streets you can immediately tell who is a tourist and who is a local!

The beach at Lido is quite an interesting place too! There is a public and a private beach, which are separated by a wall put up in the sand (cloth that you cannot see through). The public beach is accessible for everyone and you simply put your towel somewhere and that becomes your space…if you can find one that is – it is absolutely packed! The private beach is nice and spacious. There are several hotels with different price ranges that give access to the private beaches. You can rent cabanas there – some nicer than others depending on the price. The price is dependent on the service, i.e. is it just a small cabana to change in or does it also have an outside space with chairs etc, is it first row or a row behind?


We are lucky enough to have access to a front row cabana on the private beach.

A lot of people will tell you not to travel to Venice this time of year because everybody comes this time of year. Some will even go so far as to tell you that there isn’t much to do in Venice. I totally and utterly disagree. There is nothing better than spending a hot day looking at sights in the morning, eating lunch and having a snooze and then heading out to the beach in the afternoon, stay there until 7-8pm (that’s the time the cabanas are closed up and cleaned for you) and then head back into Venice to go out for a beautiful and delicious dinner.

If you go to all the places that tourist go to, then yes, it is not a nice time of year. What always pays off when visiting a new place is living like a local; that is what we are doing to the fullest extent and let me tell you it is a beautiful life! Campo Santa Margherita is the place you want to stay at! This is where a lot of students live because the University is close and therefore the night life extends to 3-4am. There are some very nice restaurants for reasonable prices and even cocktail bars with ocean side views with prices such as 7 euros for a cocktail and live music.

Another must-do is to take the vaporetto from Lido back into Venice at sunset! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Then there is also the endless joy of listening to people speak Italian even though you don’t understand a thing. It is a beautiful language to listen to if you don’t know it. Most people speak pretty good English too so it really isn’t hard to get around. They are very friendly and willing to help out. People come by all the time trying to sell you stuff, at the beach more so than in the city, which kind of reminds me of Asia.

Off to bed and onwards to day 3!


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