Day 1: Ciao Venezia!

Despite what most people think, “ciao” means hello as well as goodbye!

I had totally forgotten how much I missed travelling and being on the road. I feel so much more at home on the road than I do in a house.

Travelling to Venice was really simple. No big surprises, small airports, everything working well and on time. The flight was only 50 minutes long. 50 minutes of torture! Flying with easy jet was anything but fun. The seats are tiny (I am rather tall, but still…) and the aircraft is quite loud. I slept through what I could and before I knew it we were landing. After landing you head straight to the baggage claim and then to the exit which is 50m from the baggage claim with only 2 guards present, who spend most of the time talking to each other. No customs or anything. You head out the door (Uscita – exit) and to the left are signs leading you to the water busses and the dock. A four minute walk in the hot sun. Within those four minutes you can smell more salt in the air from the sea water with every step you take. Alilaguna was easy to find – buy a ticket and jump in the boat and enjoy the ride! The boat had to go quite slow, ca. 7km/h because of waves other boats made (which were going really fast). Not sure why we were the ones having to go slow. It was kind of like driving down a road due to the big tripods on both sides every 50m or so.

I admit those first photos aren’t the most beautiful, but the boat ride into Venice is not a good opportunity to take photos because of the tiny windows in the Alilaguna boats. Much better ones can be taken on the vaporetti (public water busses/transport) and will follow under day 2.

I got off at Lido where Dad picked me up and after we got on the wrong bus and then on a second one to get back we made it to the beach! Some interesting photos on day 2 about the beach as well 🙂


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