Tomorrow is the day…

… I leave for Venice.

No, my bags are not packed, because I am a last minute packer – unfortunately quite literally. Everything else is organised though.

Trip: Freiburg to EuroAirport in Basel to Marco Polo Airport in Venice and then straight on to Lido beach.

Originally I was supposed to go to the house we are living in for the next week (house exchange), but knowing my parents change is always rushing around the corner to greet you with a big smile. So now plans have updated to getting off the plane and jumping straight into the ocean at Lido beach! Bikini in carry on luggage – CHECK!

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.01.41 PM

My family has already spent a week there so I know a bit about what to expect. What surprised me most of what they told me was about Lido beach. I was expecting it to be packed, towels everywhere and difficult to find a spot. My parents love living like locals – not the cheapest version but also not the most expensive. So they have gone around to all six beach clubs picked the nicest one which also falls into an affordable category and rented one of those covers with seats. I don’t really know what they are called, but you can guess what I am talking about from the google maps image below.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.08.13 PM

Apparently we have a front row seat to the ocean view – definitely cannot complain about that!! I was also told that the majority of locals in Venice have a very good sense of fashion and beaches are equipped to support this. Meaning, there is a bucket of water at each cover (the seat things – I shall call them covers for lack of a better name) so you can rinse your feet before slipping back into your high heels and walk away from the beach on a raised walkway to mind the sand. There are also elaborate showers and change rooms with shampoo, hairdryers etc. where make up will be slapped back on before leaving the beach. I hope I don’t get into trouble for walking around in flip flops.

I have read quite a bit about Venice to prepare for this trip, amongst others some blogs to get a more cultural feeling and some inside tips…. such as:

Street signs are located on house walls on the first story and we will be living in Campo Santa Margherita. Interesting thing is that house numbers are in no way ordered or systematic. You can have two numbers next to each other hundreds apart with no apparent pattern or system. Hence, there are websites that help you locate house numbers! They should make an App for this if they haven’t already!

Most of Venice is accessible only by foot or boat, such as gondolas or water busses called Vaporetto (sing.), i.e. Vaporetti (pl.). Line #1 is the one going along the great canal and apparently not something to be missed. Line #3 is only available to Carta Venezia holders (acquired through permanent residency). By the time I arrive at Lido beach I will have already checked off two things I wanted to do in Venice – go to Lido beach and take a ride along the great canal. I will be taking a water taxi service straight from the airport by a company called Alilaguna. I was really excited to find out that vouchers could be bought online ahead of travel and that these could be traded in for a proper ticket at the ticket office. If only the online paying system worked! lol

From all the blogs I have read, Italy seems to be somewhat similar to Asia and Australia in the respect that time and order are relative terms. I will be welcoming those concepts back into my heart with open arms!! Everything is so punctual in Germany. When something goes wrong and things are not punctual for once, everybody goes nuts! Literally nuts! Just last week a lot of trains weren’t running for some reason and shuttle busses were organised. People were so annoyed and anxious to get into the busses that a mob started forming and they pushed a woman right in front of the bus (which was standing still, thankfully). Two bus stops later a woman wanted to get on but unfortunately there was no space left – seriously no space. The bus was packed to the limit. She got really angry and started yelling at the poor bus driver who tried to calm her down by kindly informing her that there was a second bus coming in just 10 minutes. All she could do was yell louder and point out that she was pregnant – as if that would somehow make the bus larger and spontaneously create empty space out of thin air for her to stand in. Her bright red natural hair didn’t exactly help her look sane when her face started to camouflage itself in the same colour. Three bus stops later I got off by climbing around two kids and holding on to the ceiling bars to lift myself over a buggy and head out the door – LOL!

I will post on this blog every day in the attempt to capture as much culture as I can in 10 days – in pictures and in words. Pictures to come about the hypothetical things I have learned about Venice so far!

Cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds 🙂 I am expecting the boat trip to lido beach to be rather spectacular – maybe get some really nice photos of the outskirts of venice!

Venezia – here I come! 

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.14.49 PM


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